React Native Game ‘Flanked’ Released

Can you count to 100?

Can you count to 1000?

It may be not so easy, if you have to flank the numbers to do so. You have to move the numbers according to a strategy, so that you can move on to next ones. You have to make the small ones disappear to create room for the big

Flanked is a strategic board game where you have to count the natural numbers, bring them together in a sequence and make them disappear to continue.

Flanked starts in a 5×5 board with the number 1. Then you swipe the tiles in rows or columns with your finger to move them. Each time, the next natural number appears on the screen. 1 has to touch 2 once to be “FLANKED”. That means, it is ready to disappear from the screen but it doesn’t immediately. For each number to disappear, you have to flank that number and the next 2 numbers. e.g. 1 disappears from the screen only if 1,2 and 3 are flanked.

You don’t have to flank the numbers in an order.

You can make bigger numbers disappear from the screen before the small ones do. e.g. if 9,10 and 11 are flanked, 9 disappears even if 6 or 7 is still on the board.

You earn more points if you can make more then one tiles disappear together.

You also have a secondary weapon to run your strategy, the FLANK IT Bonus. You can use the Flank It Bonus to manually flank a number without touching the next natural number. This helps if you can not bring them together.
Every time you use it, your bonus is decreased by 1 and you earn new bonuses in time when you go on successfully in the round.

You can share your High Scores in social media

Hint: Try to move the bigger numbers towords the smaller ones, not the other way 🙂 The way you bring two numbers together defines how much you can go on. Create your strategy accordingly.


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